What do u see

by Lihle

The previous post got me thinking about Art in general and how 2 people can look at a piece of Art and how they each get something different from the Artwork. Art is open 2interpretations and that is one of the many things that I find fascinating about art. Stephane Mallarme (1842-1898) a poet once said: “To name an object is to suppress three-quarters of the enjoyment of a poem, which is made up of gradually guessing; the dream is to merely suggest it”. I completely agree with the preceding statement and I think it applies to all forms of art in some way. Obviously some art is made specifically to convey a message, statement orsocial commentary of some sort. For instance the Jane Austen books could in some capacity be seen as a social commentary criticising the class system prevalent to an absurd degree in Jane Austen’s prime. I don’t think a good piece of art should tell you what to think. I don’t think any piece of art should be rigid and structured in such a way that people could only come to the same conclusion when interpreting it. Art should suggest something to an spectatorit should not insult a there intelligence by blatantly conveying the message. A piece of art should say: this could be a rock it isn’t necessarily one. What I say is by no means the only way one should see art. I am merely an eager sixteen year-old voicing my opinion. A teacher once said that I have “a very fertile mind” after listening to script I had written 4 a class assignment. I didn’t get what she meant when she said but upon introspection and afterreading this post I agree. I would love to have a conversation with someone discussing what they think of art and comparing it 2 my views and grow (like a seed on “fertile” soil) as a result