by Lihle

Earnest gazed at the magnificent forest beyond the walls of the castle gates and yearned to explore. Earnest didn’t understand why his father did not let him mingle among the fair folk

(because he was sure that if he did that they would love him like they did his brother). After all he was going to be in office yet only contact he ever had with them were the uptight snotty ones that (Earnest didn’t even consider them a true reflection the ancient race since they did not uphold the traditions attributed to the race) were in the service of his father.

The essence of nature revived him. He loved being outside, in his element. Running barefooted through the palace gardens, inhaling the fresh air, frolicking in the fountains but the splendor of the wild forest sill alluded him.

“How frustrating it is to be confined within these walls” ,Earnest pondered “Being unable to run freely and uninhibited outside of the palace gates stifles me I feel as if I’m being held prisoner