by Lihle

This post has been a long time coming but its time the “Writers Den” actually has some writing in it. Sorry for the long absence.


Ayla observed her parents with a heavy heart and realized with great disappointment that they were the perfect examples of what not to aspire to when grown up. The curious and wanting girl had often asked how the parents met but with every inquiry she had been snubbed and coerced into pursuing another subject (distracting her was because she had a fickle disposition). Ayla eventually concluded that she had not been born out of the most convenient of circumstances. Her parents could only reflect and think of the time of her conception with shame and indignation. Upon this discovery she was surprised to observe within herself an indifference which was not to be expected given her current situation. She soon realized that her indifference was due to the tumultuous relationship between her parents and the fact that they had never hidden it from her. The exhibition of their relationship combined with her parents being oblivious as to how their relationship could affect her had culminated in their offspring not caring very much about either parent (A sentiment which had become more concrete with every observation of the idiosyncrasy of the parents relationship). The father in this equation was absent and the only meeting with the other parent and child was when he felt obliged to take them out for an evening (probably also due to the fact that his other wife was probably giving him trouble).

Ayla got into the waiting car and her mother started driving her to school.

“Earnest is having a party on Friday” she said having just received a text confirming the party on her smart phone.

“The Writer?” inquired her mother using the term of endearment that Ayla had given her friend.

“Yeah” Ayla said with a laugh “Just a get-together with like-minded people ” she added quoting directly from the text message

“I’m going to assume that the soiree isn’t going to be filled with tropes that you would find in teen films from the 80’s”

“Earnest is a sensible guy mom. So your assumption is right. The party will not have any Hedonic acts glamorised in TV shows that feature teenage characters played by attractive twenty something’s” said Ayla

“Nice one!” Her mother exclaimed, “You updated my view on parties with the current prevailing trends in pop culture”

They both laughed at the Juxtaposition of their separate generations

“You certainly will not find any members of the “Breakfast Club” at Earnest’s party” Ayla declared with a smile

Having put her mother in a good mood Ayla thought it the perfect time to ask about learning French

“I admire your enthusiasm for education,” her mother stated, “but learning a language not spoken in your region is impractical what use will the language be for other than watching foreign films and listening to Edith Piaf.

After hearing this objection Aria’s daughter became crestfallen and didn’t talk to her mother for the rest of the trip. She did this because her mother had listed exactly what she had planned on using French for.

Ayla always sort to better herself through learning different skills that appealed to her. A temperamental personality didn’t allow her to truly master the skills which she relentlessly pursued. This resulted in her having a limited knowledge about various subjects. Ayla preferred having a finger in each bowl and inconsistency was a fundamental trait in the composition of her personality. Her learning was unfortunately hindered by parents who were apathetic to their child’s curious nature. She had on countless occasions pleaded with her parents for lessons so she could learn different skills but was shot down every time.

She got out of her mother’s car without saying goodbye and proceeded to her bustling high school. After carefully navigating the crowded hallways of she finally arrived to the school notice board. Ayla got a poster out of her bag. She had made the poster the night before knowing that her mother would again refuse to pay for lessons even after she had relentlessly begged at the dinner table. She put the conspicuous and brightly colored poster on the notice board and proceeded to class. The poster asked for a tutor to teach her French. Payment was to be discussed privately

Ayla attended a high school which was famous for having famous alumni in a multitude of Jobs .The high school was founded on the principle that the current educational system only catered to individuals that are inclined in certain career fields.  So the school emphasized the importance of all career fields. Indeed Ayla had been well informed about the difficulty of becoming a professional artist and the school had prepared her for the formidable challenges that were sure to arise on her artistic career path.

To be continued…